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The "must" to be a top Full-Stack profile

Full-Stack Developer is one of the jobs that has presented the highest demand for hiring in recent years, however, we know well that this profession has long been indispensable in the technological field.

Eivys Hernández, Full-Stack Developer at Imagemaker, has been working in the area for 5 years and has achieved great professional milestones. With her experience, she tells us the key points to stand out in an increasingly growing market:

1. Constant training: One of the riches of being a Fullstack is being able to move from one technology to another without complications, but to achieve this you must always be at the forefront and be up-to-date on trends in the field.

2. Success as a motto: Being persistent is key to standing out as a developer. The key is that the "No" always becomes a "Yes." To stay motivated in a job you have to feel challenged and have the spirit of improvement to overcome the problem you face. Being curious is essential in this role.

3. Sharing knowledge: The world of software development, contrary to what one might think, is a very collaborative environment, we support each other among colleagues and we help between teams. The more we work hand in hand, the better the product we deliver to users.

4. The extra mile: Being an integral professional always means contributing beyond the strict functions that correspond to a project. You can contribute more ideas for improvements, comments, advice to the product owner and your peers in the team.

“Being a Full-Stack Developer is presenting a great ability to work with different operating systems and programming languages. This means that you can see the entire development process and perspective of the entire product, from the lowest to the highest layers. You have a 360 vision and you can guide the development of the deliverable ”, Eivys commented.

Finally, she highlights the strategic versatility of this profession since the skills required in the profile allow one to perform from more operational areas to those more administrative or leadership.

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