we are


We call ourselves Makers, because we are a super talented team of creators who share three fundamental values ​​that characterize and define the way we face technological challenges.


Because we love what we do, we face technological challenges with motivation, enthusiasm and above!


We have a collaborative spirit, we constantly support each other and share our knowledge with the universe.


Continuous learning through research and experimentation with new technologies is our way of making a difference.

 What does it mean
to be a Maker?

The Makers have the best answer to this question.

That's why we asked them how it feels to belong to this big and crazy family!

Elena Brenes - Imagemaker.JPG

Elena Brenes

Communications Analyst 

Being a Maker is having a world of opportunities ahead of you. Be part of a company that believes in your capabilities and empowers them to top.

Liliana Castellano - Banco de Chile.JPG

Liliana Castellanos

Software Developer

Being part of Imagemaker is like being with the family. It is a reliable workplace, I am confident that they will always support and help me.

Marcos Salinas - Banco de Chile.JPG

Marcos Salinas

Software Developer

It is being a professional with recognition in the industry, a person who found a place where he is valued. It is to belong to a modern company that adapts to the new times and is close to its people. 

Manuel Aparicio.jpg

Manuel Aparicio

Delivery Manager

Belonging to a human group committed to excellence and focused on meeting customer needs.


Every year we gather to celebrate cultural diversity at Imagemaker with food, dance, beverages and games from each country to share and represent each Maker.

We love our


...and we celebrated BIG TIME!