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Success Storie: Current account 100% online

In an era of digital transformation, the banking sector is undergoing a profound revolution in how customers access and interact with financial services. One of these groundbreaking innovations is the development of a software solution that allows customers to autonomously and seamlessly open a current account entirely online.


This software not only facilitates the instant acquisition of a current account but also provides immediate access to credit products, revolutionizing traditional banking processes. By conducting risk assessments through a combination of security questions and facial biometrics, this solution has transformed operational procedures within banking institutions, aligning with client’s vision to become the leading digital bank in Chile.

The project leveraged cutting-edge tools and innovative approaches to eliminate barriers in processes and streamline bureaucratic standards, especially in compliance and legality areas. Furthermore, it catalyzed a transformation in Scotiabank’s branch network, empowering executives to promote plans through the digital platform, thereby accelerating processes both in branches and in the field.


  • The project was recognized by the World Economic Magazine as the Best Digital Initiative of 2021.
  • The project significantly reduced processing times in branches and is currently deployed across all sales forces in the client branches.