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Success Storie: Logistics Centralization Project for Major Airline

Imagemaker supported the client with the development of technical documentation for Development, Quality, and Production environments, in addition to the transmission of payroll payment receipts.




Throughout 2021, we worked on implementing an internal project, developing over 45 software integrations, conducting testing processes with “Junit Test,” drafting technical documentation, and deploying Development, Quality, and Production environments on the Red Hat OpenShift service bus in Azure (ARO).

We executed the DevOps process using the GIT source code repository, running continuous integration and deployment processes.

We carried out a project of integrations that improved the internal process of transferring information collected in the servicenow information system to the BI database.

Simultaneously, we have been supporting the continuous improvement process, addressing bugs in the various integrations deployed in OpenShift ARO or conducting refactoring of some processes requiring improvements in response times or due to updates in Apache Camel components that require intervention in the integrations.


  • Quality coverage between 90% and 95% in the testing process.
  • Transmitting between 70 and 75 thousand XML files to the Endpoints designated by DIAN for delivery.
  • Visualizing various dashboard reports related to surveys, service response times, and various statistics related to the help desk.
  • Digitization and real-time transmission of payroll through SAP Enterprise Resource Planning.
  • The project primarily enabled the airline to comply with resolution number 00063 of July 30, 2021, issued by DIAN, thereby avoiding sanctions and fines.
  • Additionally, it facilitated the digitization and real-time transmission of Avianca employees’ payroll and updates with the assistance of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning.