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Makers support the development of a 100% digital account focused on small business

Once again the Makers achieve incredible things. This time, a team supported the development of a site account that is contracted 100% digitally focused on SMEs, which does not require businesses a minimum of sales or seniority.


With more than a million downloads, this solution allows entrepreneurs to make transfers, sales payments, check balances and movements, money orders, electronic payments, security devices, and national and international purchases.


The Makers stood out for making proposals that helped the development and dynamism of the project, especially by integrating validations and functionalities that made the final product more robust. In addition, they led the technical migration to a new architecture.


Likewise, they managed to overcome several security and biometrics challenges that played an important role in the development of the 100% digital account, in addition to contributing to other transversal projects of the client.


Andrea Santana, Maker who participated in the project commented: “Since it began, I found it a great idea, something that came to change the thinking of society and we managed to do it. Without a doubt it was a team effort, we paid a lot of attention to detail and that is where our grain of sand shows.”


Along the same lines, Franklin López, also part of the Maker client team, added: “Projects like this require perseverance, in the end when it comes out it is gratifying. It is important to be dynamic, flexible, and to listen to ideas. Want to overcome challenges and have passion for what is done. The imagemaker values have definitely been fully lived out.”


The team assured that this project continues to grow so it is a great opportunity to learn.


In this regard, the client’s Scrum Master and Product Owner highlighted: “The Makers contributed different ideas, from a strategic vision to how to solve some technical problems. We highlight the commitment of the team, especially at times where high performance was required. They are very professional and rise to the challenges.”


With this, the Makers were part of a solution that seeks financial inclusion and supported the client in their objective of contributing to the country, creating conditions for the development of people and companies with creative, agile and effective solutions.