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The Formula of the Maker Culture

By: Kate Sepúlveda, People & Culture Experience Coordinator


“The Makers at the center of the strategy” is a phrase that is part of Imagemaker’s DNA. With this goal in mind, we have worked to enhance our culture so that Makers feel increasingly identified, live, and enjoy the experience of being a Maker from the first contact with the company.


We understand the Maker’s experience as everything they live, learn, feel, and see from their recruitment and selection process, through their professional development, and the challenges they face as part of the team. Faced with the difficulty of connecting with Makers who spend a significant amount of time with client cells and working remotely, we have implemented the “Maker’s Journey,” a process consisting of different stages that allow direct contact with their peers, other departments, direct leaders, and also with the CEO.


This journey, which begins from the first day with their “Welcome” meeting and ends with the exit interview, allows Makers, regardless of the country or team they are in, to have continuous support. In addition to this, each Maker can access communities that suit their tastes and interests and also allow them to enhance their social relationships. They can also access training programs and participate in various activities throughout the year that celebrate our diversity, such as the month of cultures.


We believe that connection is the key, creating opportunities to get to know each Maker and what they do, and allowing them to tell us how we can continue to improve. In this context, this year we implemented the “IM`With You” program, which allowed us to visit Makers in different locations and also relocate Makers living in more remote cities to meeting points with other Makers.


As a result of a positive experience, we have strengthened a “positive and healthy” work environment, as evidenced by our 2023 climate measurement, where we achieved an eNPS (employee net promoter score) of 36 points (Exceptional category) and an overall Climate rating of 82%.


Empowering a motivating, entertaining, and productive experience for Makers has allowed them to be our best introduction to attract new talent and also to clients, quoting author Stan Slap, “you can’t sell outside if you can’t sell inside,” which we have confirmed in the satisfaction levels of our clients regarding Imagemaker’s services, with an 83.3% coverage of currently serviced accounts, and all satisfaction aspects are rated on average above 4 on a scale of 1 to 5.


In a changing and challenging work environment, our goal is to ensure that Makers have a unique experience through a powerful culture focused on our values and the professional growth of each Maker. We continue to work to consolidate a culture that sets us apart and is the main added value for Makers and clients.