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Transforming payment security: The success of tokenization in a bank with a global presence

Challenge: More security in Payment Transactions
One of the banks with the largest presence in Latin America asked Imagemaker to develop a project that would increase the security of its card payment transactions. This is how the Tokenization project was born, which comes to replace the confidential data of debit and credit cards -Visa and Mastercard- with a unique identification code that retains all the essential information to make the payment without compromising its security; with the additional benefit of being an enabler to implement all types of wallets (Apple, Google, Garmin, among others.)
Solution: Tokenization of debit and credit Transactions
To meet the bank’s objective and safeguard the security of its cardholders’ data, Imagemaker contributed with all its technical experience to enable tokenization for more than 70% of all cards issued by the banking institution.
To achieve this, the Imagemaker team interacted and worked with different areas, especially technology, to integrate between the bank and the security provider in order to ensure fast, secure, and reliable transactions. In this line, the Makers team defined and ordered the architecture structure, together with all internal approvals regarding architecture, security, and confidentiality.
“The Makers were key mainly on the issue of integrations. They stood out for being very prepared, participating a lot in the preliminary research stage and later demonstrating that knowledge in practice”, commented the bank’s Technical Lead.
During development, the team worked hand in hand with bank subsidiaries in other countries to align efforts on modernizing the institution’s security measures. Thanks to the work delivered by Imagemaker, the implementation of solution in Chile was implemented in just 6 months, much less time than similar experiences in other regions.
More than 500 thousand tokenized cards.
Improve the time to market of the solution from 15 to 6 months (the time it took the client in another country to implement a similar solution).
Backend, QA, Mobile