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Unforgettable Fusion: Imagemaker’s Cheese & Wine Event Unites Chilean Culture with British Flavors in the UK Market

In an effort to strengthen ties between two exciting cultures and foster innovation in the UK market, Imagemaker embarked on an exhilarating adventure led by Diego Echeverría, UK Director in collaboration with ProChile and the Chilean Embassy in the country. The result was the anticipated and delightful event: Cheese & Wine.


With the purpose of blending the essences of Chile and the UK, where we have been operating for two years, this event, held on Thursday, 27th July, sought to build a bridge between our cultures, savoring the delights of Chilean wines alongside exquisite British cheeses. But we didn’t stop at simply delighting palates; we also aimed to establish valuable connections with potential clients, creating a space for learning, enjoyment, and networking.


Diego Echeverría, with his charisma and expertise in the market, warmly welcomed the attendees and shared his vision for this special evening:


Im extremely happy with the turnout. We wanted to build a bridge between the importance of wine as part of our cultural heritage, and how culture is one of the cornerstones of successful digital teams, which are the foundation of creating first-class digital experiences in banking and financial services.Chilean wine has had over the past three decades a strong presence in the UK and has evolved over time with new trends such as low intervention and natural wines. In the same way, banking has evolved enormously and will continue to move forward with higher rates of user adoption and new technological advances in the field of AI.


We had brief talks on technological innovation in Chile and our company’s commitment to developing disruptive solutions. The diversity of the attendees added an enriching touch to the event: technology professionals, wine enthusiasts, gastronomy lovers, and representatives from various companies came together in this unique experience.


ProChile and the Chilean Embassy in the UK, our allies on this journey, shared their enthusiasm: “It’s great to support these kinds of events to strengthen commercial ties between Chile and the UK, and highlight how Chilean companies are able to offer tech services to international financial institutions. Even better when it’s crossed with one of our flagship products as natural wine”.


Cheese & Wine was not only a memorable gathering but also a starting point for new connections and collaborations. We are thrilled to think of the possibilities that will unfold in the future thanks to this marvelous event.