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Makers lead successful 100% digital product project for an insurance company

At Imagemaker we are known for having top-level talents capable of meeting the needs of customers by delivering quality and differentiating service in the market. Next, we present a success story in which the Makers were the protagonists in the entire research, design, and development process.


In 2018, one of Imagemaker’s largest clients raised the requirement to create a 100% digital product from scratch in which clients could self-serve in sales and after-sales.


A group of Makers took up this challenge and began a complete Design Thinking process, which included interviews, focus groups, competition analysis, buyer persona, customer journey map until the final stage of testing with future users of the product, to validate it before its implementation. All this is in order to propose a product tailored to the needs of the client, but mainly of its users. This experience was delivered in 2019 and consisted of two Life Insurance projects with Savings. The first of which is already for sale and that, especially in the conditions we live in today, is presented as an excellent savings option with guaranteed profitability, in addition to being life insurance that protects the family and relatives in case that the contractor dies.


Both products were developed with the aim of allowing everyone, even those with pre-existing diseases, to purchase life insurance in a matter of seconds autonomously through an intuitive interface.


This is how in October 2021 the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the first project was launched, so that executives could sell through the application. Its success was resounding: in the first week, the goal of the next 8 months was exceeded, reaching more than 1,000 policies sold. To date, that number has already tripled.


Francisca Ruiz-Tagle, UX / UI Designer at Imagemaker, participated from the beginning of the project, but in 2019 she led its development from the role of Product Owner. She told us that her success is due to two main factors: the convenient conditions offered by the insurer to clients and how friendly and intuitive the system is since it allows to acquire the product easily and quickly, which makes Executives like to sell the product and people like to have it. Currently, the insurance is for sale in the market, however, work continues on the following increases and improvements to polish it to its maximum power.

For Francisca, the best thing about participating in the project was: “Being able to participate in the different stages and learn in each of them, on the one hand as UX / UI with an eye on the user, and as Product Owner with a focus on the user. business. The complexity of the project challenged us technically, but all the areas involved were key for everything to go well. “

She also added: “The work of the Makers made a difference because of the passion that characterizes us and that motivates us to create products of excellence by solving the obstacles that arise. In this type of project, the values ​​of passion, improvement, and nobility are reflected in each one. Feeling supported by Imagemaker and being part of this family really adds value to its customers and users. “


This is how Imagemaker, through collaborators, concretely becomes a key partner so that leading clients in the industries achieve their business objectives with a high-level technological approach.



About Francisca:


With more than 3 years of experience at Imagemaker, Fran has been instrumental in key developments serving as UX UI Designer, Product Owner, and other leadership roles that make a difference in the projects she is in.


If you want to know more about Francisca, we invite you to read more about her in the following article: “Guide to succeed in the user experience of digital channels.”