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#CareerChange: From Chef to QA analyst it just takes one big leap

Coming from an Italian family, Claudia Naveira developed a taste for cooking from an early age and did not hesitate to study to be a Chef after high school. She practiced this profession for more than 16 years, however, at 37 she made a change in her life and decided to train in the technological field.


One of the main reasons for making this turn was personal adversities in Claudia’s life, which led her to seek a restructuring. In addition, in the last quarter of 2019, Chile experienced a strong social crisis that made it very difficult for restaurants in the capital. Not only was it difficult for them to open their doors and receive clients, but getting to work was also dangerous and highly exposed. To this, a few months later the arrival of the pandemic was added, which ended up burying some food businesses.

“I knew that I needed a new direction, there were too many signals and the internal need. I wanted something more stable. I started researching the most emerging careers and fields, I made a list of my skills and I was left with the option of training as Scrum Master”.

Claudia began taking a basic HTML programming course, she continued to develop into agile methodologies until she found the possibility of becoming an intern at Imagemaker for one of the largest digital banking clients.

“One of the great differences of Imagemaker is that in addition to being a great company, it is also a school, in the sense that it provides opportunities to exercise, fail and learn, all in an environment of control. Give the tools, to all equally, what you have to do is take that opportunity and show what you are good at. I entered thinking that I was going to develop as Scrum Master and I ended up discovering that I am an excellent QA analyst ”.

What she likes most about his role is the attention to detail, understanding that there is a logic and steps to follow for everything, characteristics very similar to those necessary in the kitchen: “life, always detect opportunities for improvement. “


Claudia currently works as a QA analyst and is in charge of new makers who are starting a new way of life, like her a few months ago. To those people who are in a new personal challenge or are thinking of doing it, she advises: “I think that when you go through this, you go through the greatest tests and you must be humble with yourself, know that you are going to make a mistake, but there will always be learning. “


She also reflects: “When you face difficult moments, you limit yourself to think that you cannot do things, but when you do your best and meet the right people, everything changes. I really believe that Imagemaker helped me change my life. It is the first time that I have come across a job that delivers possibilities and trusts in people’s abilities. “

For Claudia, the love for cooking remains and she does it as a hobby, for herself and her family, but she also found a new passion in her work as a QA analyst.