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Hi Europe!: Imagemaker begins operations in Spain

Since 2019 Imagemaker began a powerful expansion plan of the company that has managed to start successful operations in Costa Rica, Colombia, and the United States in less than two years. 

Within this globalization strategy, the next step was to bring the Maker value proposition to customers in Europe, consolidating it in October 2021.

Javier Olavarría, Sales Director, is in charge of leading this project that aims to promote Latin talent, reduce the talent gap with high-level collaborators and expand the capabilities to attract developers within Europe, allowing to have a base of Makers operating in different time zones covering large markets.


Thus, Spain will be the European center of operations due to the cultural proximity that allows capturing the Imagemaker culture and the technological characteristics of the country, since it is the fourth country that most exports digital talent solutions and services in the region.

In this regard, Javier commented: “Currently in the Spanish market there is strong competition, in which many offer team building and technology consulting. Our main objective is to transmit the Imagemaker’s culture and position the brand with a focus on people, transforming complex problems into friendly, efficient, and timely solutions, working hand in hand with clients. We see enormous potential to be able to integrate teams taking advantage of our Latin American capacities and talents, with the best talents in Europe. “

With Javier’s arrival, the challenge is to integrate the ecosystem and contact existing potential clients who have operations in Europe who value our proposal to position Imagemaker as a member of the Spanish technology community: “We want the leading companies in Spain to prefer it because of our technological expertise, our service framework and the human quality of the Makers ”he commented.

The opening of this market marks the beginning of Imagemaker’s progress in Europe, which has plans to expand to the United Kingdom in the coming months.